About Techgate

Techgate Galway

Techgate is a new event for the West of Ireland from the non-for- profit organization: JCI Galway (Junior Chamber International).

Techgate is about 3 pillars, the Talks – the Expo – the Awards. The leading Start-Ups from Galway showcasing at the Expo, Ted Talks style speakers with thought provoking topics and interactive Technology Awards night covering the West of Ireland.

Benefits of attending the Techgate Event:

  • Meet like-minded people from the technology industry in the West of Ireland.
  • Listen to thought provoking topics across technology & outside of the industry.
  • View or sit down for a chat with the Founders of leading technology start-ups at the Expo.
  • Support and vote for the overall Techgate Startup Awards Winner on the night.
  • Help raise funds for local Children's Cancer Charity: Hand in Hand.
  • Win fantastic prizes in the raffle!
  • Consider this event as a mini-summit, an informal gathering across the technology sector and a cool send off for the year end. Attendees on the night are coming from the business / technology community, startup community, students, investors and media.

    Exhibition requirements for Technology Startups to enter the Techgate Expo:

    The closing date for applications is 23rd September 2015. You can submit the application form or interest by email to techgate@jcigalway.org.

  • Be owner or co-founder of a startup business in Galway City / County or West of Ireland.
  • "Techgate highlights the accomplishments of entrepreneurs and rewards entrepreneurs endeavour in Galway, and thus acts a means of encouraging and developing indigenous, sustainable employment, which is vital to the region."

    Ronan Walsh - JCI Galway President 2015

    Techgate Awards are currently closed for nominations.